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Thursday, April 23, 2015

A Big secret about a LiL Giveaway.

Gleam code: Lil' Gadgets Kids Wireless Bluetooth Headphones $65

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 Lil' Gadgets Kids Wireless Bluetooth Headphones $65

Mom can I have a phone please?  Mom, I will do anything for a phone!  How many of you had your child beg you for something they desperately desire?  Too many times to count.  I know firsthand.  My daughter has been asking for a phone for a while and it has been a no go.  She doesn't know it yet, but I plan to get a cheapy, beepy phone.  She is only ten and most ten year olds will lose it.  But until she becomes more mature, the least expensive phone will be hers to own.  Hopefully, she doesn't get teased about it being so cheap.  I have a plan b incase she is teased.  I plan to enter a special giveaway for a free Lil Gadgets Wireless Bluetooth Untangled Pro Headphones.  Definitely a cool factor for kids.  She rides the bus with many kids.  If I needed to call her while she is on the bus, I don't want the other kids to see that she has her own phone and try to take it from her.  If I won one of Bluetooth Pro headphones, she wouldn't have to take her phone from her backpack as well as, appear cool talking to me on these colorful Bluetooth Untangled Pro headphones for kids.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Didn't Win the Giveaway this time? Don't fret....

Another giveaway in store for you!  This time for coffee lovers. Enter to win a
coupon for a free full-sized bottle of Nescafe with Coffee-Mate!  A 2-in1 coffee creamer combo to make your coffee experience more enjoyable. 

This is such a great idea for those of you want coffee on the go.  Instead of hopping to the nearest coffee shop.  Why not make your own batch at home with a one, two step?  All that is needed is water and Nescafe to get you going! 

Now, this combo is for those of you that just need a small jilt in the morning.  You might have to drink two cups of this combo to get you set for the day.  Personally, even though  I was given these coupons from, I consider myself an avid coffee drinker and this is my personal opinion.  I need extra strong coffee.  But, when in chill mode, or in the evening and I just want some coffee that I can savor the taste, this is the one I get to drink.  It gives me the flavor I desire for coffee, yet, enables me to fall asleep.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

I want that lovely feeling again!

There has been times that after washing my hands, they just didn't feel "squeaky" clean. Well,  Dial has created another cutting edge hand soap that will make your hands squeak without feeling dry.  Who would have ever paid attention to details to make one's hand washing experience amazing?  Get this.  By now you have heard of the Body wash with Marula Oil, but, have you heard of the hand soap with Marula Oil?  I posted previously about the benefits of Marula Oil, so I know you are pretty educated about it.  It is a moisturizing oil, yet it is clean rinsing.  Simply put, it doesn't leave your hands with a greasy or oily feel.  I did receive this product to review, but honestly, in my opinion, I like this soap!  It is gentle, yet strong enough to leave my hands clean and moisturized.

Don't believe me?  Here's a chance to try it out for yourself.  I have 3 coupons for Dial hand soap, only 1 is a coupon for Marula oil hand soap.  I hope you win the golden coupon!  That's right!  Giveaway Time.

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Its good to be a member of Money Snatcher Mom!

If you don't register to become a member, you may miss out on "Member Only" giveaways.  At this time, there will be tokens of appreciation to our members as a special "Thank You!"  Thank you for being loyal, patient members of our blog.  So between this week and next week get ready for a sweet deal!

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Upscale Handsoap Coming Soon!

When you think of Boutiques, you think classy, unique, original and stylish, or at least I do.   A good boutique holds a higher standard than the typical retail store. So when I got the chance to review the Dial Boutique Collection hand soap, I was intrigued.  This is my own opinion about this product and my daughter gave her two cents as well. 

Beginning with the packaging, I noticed that it was a little more upscale that most hand soap bottles. Sugar Cane Husk Scrub peaked my interest.  I thought about how sugar cane would smell and what is this "scrub thing" about in this hand soap.  My daughter and I anxiously awaited to try this out.  She suddenly had the urge to visit the bathroom.  This time I wanted to get her feedback and boy did I.  Ohhh...this smells so good!  Something else is in this soap.  This is not like the regular soap you buy mom.  Not only does it smell good, but my hands are super soft!  Here smell them and she proceeds to shove her hands in my face.  "Whoa... I said,  it does smell pretty good." 
So of course I had to wash my hands, after all, I want soft hands too. 

As I pumped once, I thought okay consistency is like other hand soap.  But then, I rubbed my hands together for the surprise.  I felt little scrubbers, somewhat like grains of sugar, but not as coarse.  Descent lather.  However, what was unlike most hand soap my hands felt baby soft and smelled wonderful.  I am excited that I received this free for a product review.  In my opinion, I would buy this product for these reasons, the fragrance, the "scrubbers"  that sloughed away debris and the softness of my hands and how squeaky clean my hands were after washing. 
Beginning on 3/26/15 you can have your opportunity to receive your own free coupon for a full-sized bottle!  Enter the giveaway to the right of this post and if selected, you will be sent your coupon.

Another Giveaway Soon!

Don't miss another giveaway!  Check back sometime this week for a chance to win something special!  Also, in the making is  an appreciation to my members Giveaway!  Just a token of my appreciation for  members.  Let me work out some kinks and the Giveaway will be starting soon.  Thanks for your patience.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Do you believe in miracle oils?

For the past few years, I have become a naturalist.  Learning how to care for my dry hair with natural oils has been a refreshing yet challenging experience.  But, you better believe, that using natural oils to moisturize my skin has been one of the best decisions of my life.  That is why I am selective about products I use to cleanse my skin.  Sometimes cleansers are drying and my skin feels like sandpaper. I was searching for a cleanser that moisturizes Naturally.  I have tried various oils like coconut oil, olive oil and almond oil on my skin in the past.  However, I had to do some research on Marula Oil.  This is an oil I haven't heard of until I received a Dial body wash with Marula Oil from The Dial brand.  Granted, they provided me with this sample in exchange for a product review.  However, I will express my personal thoughts in regards to this product. 

Being the sort of picky about the products I use on my skin, I had to research further.   After researching various sites, I discovered that the origin of Marula Oil is from Africa.  It is organic.  It has a sweet aroma and contains High levels of Vitamin C & E! In addition, it is an essential amino acid, it reduces the effects of the environment and neutralizes free radicals.  But get this, it actually helps with cell renewal.  Let's face it, the older we get the younger we want our skin to look.  If your skin is dry like mine is dry, then you need to get this pronto!  Oh yeah, its rich in Omega 9 too! 

I fell in love with this product as soon as I showered with it.  Smells like an oasis of vanilla, coconut and assorted flowers.  Distinctive aroma that lasts.  No need for perfume ladies! The smell alone will drive men wild!  This body wash is not heavy, it is gentle on the skin and packs a powerful cleanse.  My skin felt soft,
yet not dehydrated or oily...just right.

 Dial named this Miracle Oil and now I know why.  Now it's time for you to discover this Miracle Oil! 

Enter to win your very own free Full bottle of Dial Body wash!  Just enter your info in the Rafflecopter box.  I will select 3 winners!

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

What's the 911 of drinks? EMERGEN-C

What is the obsession with Emergen-C?  I watched more than one YouTube video explaining why they love it so.   I have asked this question many times...but thanks to, I was able to try it out.  Now, don't get it twisted, I am giving my OWN opinion about Emergen-C and how I feel about the product. So this is the unfiltered truth!

Let me just state that I am a Huge Water Fan! I am part of the few percentage that will enjoy a tall cold glass of water all day, but, I can honestly say that I enjoyed drinking Emergen-C.  Being able to try something new to drink that was loaded with vitamin C, was something I can get used to.  I was given a variety of packets of different flavors to sample from  The flavors were definitely intriguing.  I guess if I were to combine a variety of drinks to describe the taste would be a little of water, mixed with club soda and juice or Kool-Aid combined into one drink.  The fizz isn't as overbearing as a soda or as we say in Chicago a "pop".   However, I like that factor.  I think the fizz in different pops/sodas are a little strong for me.   My personal favorite is the Immune+ Warmers Berry Medley.  It is packed with Vitamin C, Vitamin D, B Vitamins and Zinc.  You can drink this Warm.  On a cold winters day, trust me, you want warm.  Oh ....but the taste!  Yummy! 
I guess come summertime, I will switch to the regular flavors to drink with cold water.  Overall, I wanted to begin this year eating and drinking healthier and this has convinced me that I am on the right path. 

In a nutshell, if you want a drink that is light, refreshing and has vitamins to add, then Emergen-C is worth your time.