Friday, November 28, 2014

This is worth your Wait!

Finally got something wonderful to share with you!  Indeed, it has been a long time since I have written on my blog.  But, I wanted to return with a Big BOOM!  First, let me take a quick sip of this coffee. Mmmmmmm.  Yummy!  I know it is kind of late in the evening for coffee, but, if you are like me a true coffee drinker, you have urges to drink late sometimes for a quick pick-me-up. In the mornings, I get the strongest of Strong coffee get me moving.  However, I don't want to drink a strong drink in the late afternoon.  I have to thank Smiley360 for giving me this inventive to try.
I must add Nescafe to my favs list! 

Monday, July 28, 2014

I can't wait to start Product reviews again!!!

Lately, I haven't been posting because their has been some difficulty retrieving products to review.  Hang tight though, I think a change is gonna come soon!  Keep checking! 

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Been a long time coming....But we finally got it!

Money Snatcher Mom snatched another great product to review!  Yay! This product actually sells itself.  It has been around for years and has been a staple in my family for stains.  I am writing a review for Fels-Naptha laundry & stain bar!  I have used this product now for years, however, recently I became more aware of the stain remover.  There was this yucky stain on one of my favorite blouses.  Can't even begin to tell you where the stain came from (it was the back of my blouse).  You know the rubber glue we used for arts & crafts, well the stain had that rubbery texture, mixed with something else. Anyhow, I was skeptical about making a video about it, for fear the Fels-Naptha wouldn't not remove it.  Take a look below to see step by step details and the final result!


Still don't believe it cleaned the stain?  Now here's your chance to try it for yourselves!  Enter the contest to your right for a chance to win a free coupon for a full-sized bar!
Another helpful tip:  Did you know that Fels-Naptha kills bugs or that it prevents and treats Poison Ivy?  For more information on its uses, check out The Many Uses for Fels-Naptha!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Bloggers you too can receive products to review!

Being a customer of Purex for years has had its perks.  Clean clothes, great prices, coupons and innovative products, etc.  But I can honestly say, being a blogger and a Purex Insider was the best perk of them all!  As a blogger, I can receive Purex products just for reviewing new products and giving my honest opinion about it.  Okay, I am sure you are thinking that Purex means just Laundry Detergent, oh no!  Products that I had to review were Soft Scrub Kitchen and Bathroom cleaners.  Borax, Toilet bowl cleaners, Combat ant & roach killer, Dial Body Wash and more.  In return, you are to post on your blog your opinion after usage!  That's it!  No strings attached!  No fees, No gimmicks.  You can hold contests/sweepstakes for Purex products which produces more new readers! 

Let's see if you are a perfect match for Purex Insiders Program:

Do you?
  • blogs about savings, product reviews and giveaways
  • enjoy using social media
  • blogs about family friendly content
If so, you are a great candidate for becoming an Purex Insider!  Bloggers that are interested in becoming a Purex Insider, follow this link and sign-up! 

Don't hesitate wondering if this is true.  I was a skeptic.  But now I am a Purex Insider and loving it!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

4 things all wrapped up in 1!

Dry IdeaThis is why I have a soft spot for Soft Scrub!  Innovative products that make my cleaning easier!  Remember in the 70's when we had to use the generic toilet deodorizers?  Well, now Soft Scrub has created a product that has four items rolled into one.  It cleans, prevents build-up, fights toilet ring, and it freshens.  Yes, four round containers, each with the its own solution to keep your toilet sparkling.  In the picture below, the plastic stem on the unit is attached to the rim of my toilet.  Also, you'll notice that each ball has holes (front & back), these holes serve the purpose of allowing the flushed water to pass through the solution to activate the cleaning solutions.  If you look closely to the top right of the picture there is bubbles.  This is the solution that will protect from future build-up.


Saturday, June 1, 2013

Bad Habits are hard to break!

Unfortunately, I have a bad habit of crunching ice cubes.  I even have it down to a science about how to make the perfect ice crunch for me.  First, I fill the glass up with ice.  Then, I run the tap water for a second or two to get hot.  Last, I fill the glass up with the hot water.  Rinse it out with my hand covering the glass.  Refill with hot water. Whola!  The perfect ice to crunch.  Why am I writing about it?  Well, after chomping on ice all day, it leaves my teeth and gums sore.  Ouch!  I had to take Advil to ease the pain.  But, I would go to bed early, needless to say, I wasn't too fond of going to bed at 8:30pm.  Thankfully, I received a free product review from for Arm & Hammer's Sensitive Toothpaste from the makers of Orajel!  Yay!  Since brushing with it, I have a substantial amount of less pain!  My gums aren't achy.  I appreciate that factor alone.  But combined with whitened teeth I'd say this is a winner!  I know that just my opinion doesn't matter to you, well, you can try for yourself to see if it works for you too.  For your free sample go to to get your sample while supplies last. 

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Did you miss the chance to win a coupon for a free full-sized bottle Dry Idea?

Well, opportunity knocks again!  Another person's loss is your gain!  We at MSM urge you to respond within a one-week time period upon winning, if there isn't a response, then another giveaway will be held, hence this giveaway.  So if you win, please respond asap! 

This could be yours!

Get a bowl of Dole!

Dole has new delectable fruit parfaits in their cute sizeable plastic bowls.  I was a bit of a skeptic when I first saw it.  I didn't want to taste preservatives, and some obscure cream.  But, when sent me a coupon for a review.  I just had to try it. There were three flavors pineapple/crème, apples/crème and of course, peaches/crème.  Out of the four bowls included in the packaging, I would have liked to have another flavor included.   It was hard deciding which flavor I wanted to enjoy.  So, I purchased the apple and cream parfait and upon tasting it, I really enjoyed it.  The fruit tastes fresh and not too sweet from syrup.  The cream was light and just the right combination with the fruit.  The texture--creamy.  I surprised to know that it is actually low fat.  I know right.  Definitely satisfied my sweet tooth on this hot day.   
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