Wednesday, March 30, 2016

You better RUN for this DEAL!

My brother's birthday is fast approaching.  Our family is scrambling around trying to figure out what gift to give him.  My brother is extremely low key.  His attitude for just about everything is "it's okay".  I know right.  Not much of a clue as to what he really loves.  We are bouncing ideas everywhere about what will not only surprise him, but a gift that he will actually LOVE!  Considering the fact that I am the most savvy of the family,  naturally, I went to the internet to get ideas.  As I begin to search, I think of things he enjoys like watching sports of any kind and eating.  Yeah that sums it up pretty much.  Since this is baseball season, I am checking baseball games...$59 for a few tickets. However, problem is scheduling for the discounted tickets are not on his days off. Otherwise, the ticket costs are too high for a group of people.  So, that's out for now.   

Okay, I continue to check a few restaurants that he prefers dining. is out of my price range! Now what?  Think girl, THINK!  I thought I can search for affordable restaurants.  I did the search and not one of his favs were listed.  I called my friend for more ideas.  I gave her the rundown on my efforts for his birthday gifts and she said "Go to and see what they have available.  My husband and I went to a fancy restaurant because of a few of their  deals in the past."  We chatted for a minute as I searched and visited the website.  It began to look familiar to me.   I saw the website and I was like, " I totally forgot that I used them years ago too."  I checked  the site to see what type of deal was available.  I am sooo glad I did, "$3 for $25" Gift Certificates!  All I had to do was type in the city/state and what type of food that I wanted to eat.  A list of restaurants and the costs of the tickets were available.  How easy was that!  I jumped on a few deals why not?  I can take him out for his favorite meal and save a few pennies for the rest of us too.  Yay me!

Monday, February 22, 2016

Which  Snakeskin jacket is a blast from the past?

if you guessed the black and white jacket, you know your fashion.                    

I am sure you have heard the old saying as I did, history has a way of repeating itself.  It is channeling the past for current fashions.  I have no problem with it.  I absolutely cray, cray (crazy) over snakeskin anything.  But, I can say that there is small details to update the look.  If you noticed the lapel, it is a solid black color.  Unlike the 70's pic on the right which is a little snakeskin overkill. The buttons standout more than the older version.  Slight detailing overall.  However, if you were to wear the 1970's version, you will be in style now.  Just change the buttons.


Monday, February 8, 2016

How do you stay motivated?

It is difficult for anyone, especially moms to motivate themselves to exercise.  When you finally have some free time, you hardly have enough energy to exercise.  As funny as it sounds, it is more work added to your routine.  To be specific, laundry!   Add on an extra load.  But I have a suggestion.  Why not make laundry a little easier by trying out Odor Eliminator  by Febreeze.  Let me know what you think.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Think Pink in October!

This October the spotlight is on Breast Cancer Awareness.  Did you know that The National Cancer Research Institute estimates that 250,000 women will be diagnosed with some form of breast cancer this year? Alarming. For this reason, we need to financially support organizations, charities, businesses that contribute to breast cancer research.  Research has given women and men a second chance at life.  It is time we take Breast Cancer more seriously than ever!  Remember that breast cancer placed second as the most common caused cancer related death.  So it is important to get screenings for breast cancer to be certain that you cancer free.  Most importantly, take preventative measures to stay breast cancer free by eating properly, exercising and get screened. 

the beating red stoneHowever, after the screening process is completed and you were diagnosed with breast cancer, all is not lost.  Treatment for breast cancer is more advanced and has saved many women's lives than previous years.  Research plays an intricate part in discovering the cure for breast cancer. Therefore, we must keep financially support organizations that are contributing to researchers that help discover a cure.

Companies such as Glamulet is taking a stance to help fight against Breast Cancer in a huge manner.  Glamulet donates a whopping 50% of their sales of their beautiful  jewelry line, to support the breast cancer charities.  What is more impressive about Glamulet is that the jewelry is well designed, creatively crafted, so you will beam with pride wearing their bracelets, charms etc. and supporting a company that supports what you support.  If you want to see the selection check out this link Powered by Brandbacker.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

If you love Gummie Bears, this ones for you!

Once again I am reviewing a product that has given me for free.  But as I stated before this my opinion about the product.  You know sometimes I think they have a psychic that predicts what product I will enjoy.  Truly I enjoy most of them!  This time I ran out of my daily vitamins and wouldn't you know it, sent me Centrum gummies vitamins!  Typically, I dislike that medicine after taste that most vitamins do.  But not these gummies!  It has different fruity flavors like orange, cherry, etc.  Honestly, there was a slight after taste, however, not like the typical vitamins. I can deal with this taste wayyyyyyy better than other vitamins for sure.   The texture is similar to regular gummies smooth outer and chewy inner.   Another benefit is how it supports energy, immunity and your metabolism.    Personally, after the first week, I believe there was a difference in my energy levels.  Prior to taking these gummy vitamins, my energy levels were low. 

Overall, I give Centrum gummies an A++ because of the effectiveness of the product, as well as, the pleasant taste that each gummy entails.  I like the idea of taking a different flavor of vitamin each day. 

Monday, May 18, 2015

Mask it? No......Zap it!

Have you ever washed your dogs favorite blanket only for the "doggy smell" to remain?  Do you have a husband or wife who is a chain smoker or a firefighter?  Then the Febreze Odor Eliminator is for you!  No longer will you have to put up with washing the same clothes more than once to get the smell out.  Just add Febreze to your items without a second thought about the bad odor afterwards.  You know how Febreze freshens the air in your rooms right?  Well, it does exactly the same for your dirty laundry. Listen, I tried this myself.  It has a fresh, clean scent that literally clings to the laundry for a light refreshed scent.  I provided a video for you to see it in action.  Of course, if that is not enough I am going to host a giveaway for one person to win a free coupon for a full-sized bottle.  

Sunday, May 10, 2015

#MomsBeLike | Expectations VS Reality: Motherhood Happy Mothers Day!

I hope all of you are enjoying a wonderful Mother's Day!  I watched this video and wanted to share the joys of Motherhood!

Thursday, April 23, 2015

A Big secret about a LiL Giveaway.

Gleam code: Lil' Gadgets Kids Wireless Bluetooth Headphones $65

product, tech


 Lil' Gadgets Kids Wireless Bluetooth Headphones $65

Mom can I have a phone please?  Mom, I will do anything for a phone!  How many of you had your child beg you for something they desperately desire?  Too many times to count.  I know firsthand.  My daughter has been asking for a phone for a while and it has been a no go.  She doesn't know it yet, but I plan to get a cheapy, beepy phone.  She is only ten and most ten year olds will lose it.  But until she becomes more mature, the least expensive phone will be hers to own.  Hopefully, she doesn't get teased about it being so cheap.  I have a plan b incase she is teased.  I plan to enter a special giveaway for a free Lil Gadgets Wireless Bluetooth Untangled Pro Headphones.  Definitely a cool factor for kids.  She rides the bus with many kids.  If I needed to call her while she is on the bus, I don't want the other kids to see that she has her own phone and try to take it from her.  If I won one of Bluetooth Pro headphones, she wouldn't have to take her phone from her backpack as well as, appear cool talking to me on these colorful Bluetooth Untangled Pro headphones for kids.

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